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About Deviant Artist Meagan21/Female/United States Groups :iconpoetic-youth: Poetic-Youth
For the young poets of dA.
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Into the rabbit hole she came,
Alice, who was just a small girl.
She discovered this land was not the same
and set out to explore the new world.
Alice, who was just a small girl,
talked to the Caterpillar for some advice,
and set out to explore the new world
after getting some snacks to change size.
Talking to the Caterpillar for some advice
led her to the White Rabbit's house.
After using some snacks to change size,
she met the Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse.
She left the White Rabbit's house
and wanted to go play croquet.
She left the Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse,
then attended the trial of the Knave.
She just wanted to go play croquet,
But discovered this land was not the same.
She disrupted the trial of the Knave
and out of the rabbit hole she came.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 0 0
Is this what you want me to do?
Have you gotten what you have craved?
You wanted me to follow you,
then left the love I tried to save.
Have you gotten what you have craved?
The things that I couldn't give?
You left the love I tried to save.
Without me, how will you live?
The things that I couldn't give
were enough to drive you away.
Without me, how will you live?
To be honest, I didn't want you to stay.
It was enough to drive you away,
but you wanted me to follow you.
To be honest, I didn't want to stay.
So what do you want me to do?
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 0 0
Sonnet 413
The hardest part of watching you is this:
your energy makes seats too hard to keep.
Your parents leave you with a "Goodnight" kiss,
but you are too excited to greet sleep.
You fling your childish body 'round your house,
and toss your toys to cover up the floor.
I follow you as hungry cat does mouse.
I cannot take this torment any more!
I chase you to your bed and tuck you in.
The bedtime-story telling makes you yawn.
You fall asleep, face stuck in a grin.
Before I go, I turn the nightlight on.
I do not care if they're my mother's friends,
I will never baby-sit for them again.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 0 0
I am the broken wing on a broken girl.
Her dreams have been crushed and the fast free-fall to the flat Earth shattered my bones.
She wiped her tears and washed her wounds, but forgot to set me straight.
Her arms and legs and eyes still do the motions methodically, but, lacking me, she will never fly again.
My little girl lifestyle and set state of mind were upturned and unraveled the moment they told me "you can't."
"You can't," they said, but still I tried.
And I was triumphant.
But their envy weighed them down like stones, so they threw their stones at me.
I felt myself falling, flailing, fainting, then I knew nothing.
I awoke and knew I would no longer try to do what they said I could not.
I did as they did, and talked as the talked, and hated them as they hated me, and I never again felt the sweet euphoria that was surpassing those who brought me down.
From then on, I stayed down.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 3 0
Miss Take
She's the one who persuades your inner child to hide behind the big-girl you. She can't be "friends" with someone who is immature.
She's the one who discourages your other friends from talking to you, because she doesn't think they're good enough for you.
She's the one who makes you cry, and not from laughing too hard.
She's the one who spills all your secrets; she knows enough to write a book.
She's the one who does what you do, and tries to do it better.
She's the jealous one who tells you your boyfriend is cheating on you.
(She's the one who helps him cheat.)
She's the one holding the knife protruding from your spine. She's the one who never gives back what you gave. She's the one who hates everything about you.
She's the one mistake you wish you hadn't made.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 10 10
Did you ever stop to think about
what I think about?
Did it ever occur to you that maybe
I was tired of chasing you around
like a desperate little lapdog?
Did you ever wonder if you
were good enough for me?
Was I good enough for you?
Did you finally realize that
I'm tired of being your backup,
your rebound girl,
your in-case-of-emergency call?
Did you make it obvious enough
that you don't want to be
near me anymore?
You want space.
I want distance.
Did you know that it takes about
twenty muscles to smile
and hide my sadness?
It takes much more effort to walk away.
Did you think about me?
Did you think about me often?
Did you think of how I would feel?
Of how I would react?
Obviously not.
Because you left anyway.
Did you ever stop and think about
the fact that I was
falling in love with you?
Obviously not,
because you left anyway.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 4 0
I block the thoughts and wish it were a dream.
I shed a tear, then wipe my weeping eyes.
I fight the urge to pull my hair and scream,
as you shower me with candy-coated lies.
I shed a tear, then wipe my weeping eyes,
as if pretending it's not real will work.
You've showered me with candy-coated lies,
and your denial doesn't take away the hurt.
As if pretending it's not real will work,
I turn away and act like I don't hear.
Your denial doesn't take away the hurt.
Your ignorance won't take away my tears.
I turn away and act like I don't hear.
I don't feel like listening to your voice.
Your ignorance won't take away my tears.
It seems like I've already made the choice.
It seems like I've already made the choice.
I fight the urge to pull my hair and scream.
I don't feel like listening to your voice,
so I block the thoughts and wish it were a dream.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 5 1
Don't Cry..
Lean your head on my shoulder,
I can stand the pressure.
You seem a little colder,
Let me keep you warm.
You need to talk to me.
I can protect you from yourself.
Let me help you be free.
I can give you the world.
Spill out your mind;
I can take it off of things.
Give me your time;
I can make it worthwhile.
Shut down the shadows in your eyes.
I can fight your fears.
But promise me you won't cry.
I just can't take your tears..
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 3 0
07. Heaven.
Take my feet
and anchor them to your home on the rock.
Take my legs
and push me towards the right path.
Take my lungs
and make each breath be for you.
Take my heart
and let me show your love to everyone else.
Take my arms
and allow me to embrace you.
Take my hands
and use them as your own.
Take my shoulders
and share with me your burden.
Take my mind
and help me to better myself, and others through myself.
Take my ears
and sing your word into them.
But please,
don't take my soul.
It's the only thing that will help me find my way home to you.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 2 4
06. Break Away
Your eyes question mine as I lean in close
to whisper in your ear all my secrets.
You smile that smile that puts the stars to shame
and close the distance between us.
Virgin lips brush against not-so-innocent ones as
we silently sing the words to your favorite song.
Hands intertwined as our fingers hold on to each other
for dear life.
Dear, you are my life and soul
and I tell you that and watch
the blush creep up your neck.
I smile and you take my hand and point
out constellations in the midnight sky.
This is my escape.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 1 0
05. Despair.
Well-placed blows of verbal hatred fly
as though your harsh tone gave them wings.
Our once-treasured love flings itself off a balcony,
(as I plan to do later).
Angry shouts and angrier thoughts fill the air
and you throw up your hands in exasperation.
My levelheadedness soon becomes too much for you
and you storm off, leaving me wondering what exactly
I did to set you off.
I hear you upstairs slamming your life's treasures
into your suitcase and I know that nothing I can say
will stop you.
I realize what I did to you--
Your anger is merely an act to cover up your own infidelity.
You fell for her blue eyes and blond hair,
an appearance that makes me look dull in comparison
and I know that she's better than me in all the wrong ways.
I should have seen it coming.
So I forgive you when you shut the door and start your car.
You've given me inspiration. I write something, just for you.
"I look back at the stuff I said to you,
at the mess that I've been through.
I did what I said I'd
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 0 0
Game On- part ten.
        She pinned up her straight brown hair, applied the cherry-red lip liner, and shrugged her shoulders into the jet black motorcycle jacket. She was striking. She was invincible. She was acting. Jane Douglass sucked in a sharp breath when she saw herself in the circular mirror in her hotel room. She looked nothing like herself. Of course, that was the idea here.
        Her mission was to go, undercover, undiscovered into the deepest thoughts of a teenager accused of breaking all sorts of federal laws. She had no choice; if she failed, her secret would be exposed to the world. Not to mention the high possibility that she would never see her parents again if she backed out.
        Jane took one final glance at the mirror, and, satisfied with what she saw, calmly stalked out of her room. She rode the elevator down to the lobby and nodded curtly at the doorman who
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 1 0
04. Dark.
My hand reaches out to you in
the dimly lit dawn, only to grasp
your abandoned pillow. Oh, right..
My feet shuffle to the kitchen in those
slippers you got me last Christmas and I
make coffee for two, and pour one mug out.
My thoughts wander to you as I
work, barely making enough money to
pay for the rent, since we don't split it anymore.
My car chugs along the interstate
as I head for our house-that-
My pajamas rustle softly as I put
them on and embrace the comfort
they offer. Yes, I still sleep in your shirt.
My tears block out the nightmarish darkness
I've always feared as I cry myself to
sleep on your side of the bed.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 3 0
03. Light.
The glow your fingers give off
as they skate across my skin
sends shivers down my spine.
It's like a beacon in the midnight
I hold my breath and
close my eyes, to let it
envelop me and it shines
through pinched-shut
Your bright and cheery attitude
cancels out my pessimism.
It makes me feel alive.
It makes me so
Your light keeps me warm inside.
My world revolves around you,
I'm stuck in your pull.
You are my own personal
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 1 0
02. Love.
I kiss your fingertips
so maybe I can taste
the way you
feel about me.
Your darkened, deep brown eyes
watch me as I
pretend to sleep;
I'm awake, but
dreaming of you.
Your breath catches
on my ear as
you slip your arms
around my waist
and hold me like
you're never letting go.
The sweet euphoria of this
reality slaps a smile
on my face as we
whisper silent "Love you"'s
into sleep.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 1 0
01. Intro.
Hello, my name is Unimportant.
I am too many years old.
I live in my own little world.
I am doing this challenge because I have no life whatsoever.
In my free time, I write poetry. Duh.
When I grow up, I want to be: I'm not growing up.
My favorite food is what does this have to do with anything?
Which came first; the chicken or the egg? ..what?
How many fingers do I have behind my back? My computer has fingers??
So you're not a mind reader? What am I thinking? I have no idea.
Do you have any peanut butter? Why am I talking to my computer?
Okay, I'm bored with you. That's not a question…
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 0 1

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i did not invent you, only
listened as you spoke, every
soft word escaping into
the air like a kiss goodbye
from a stranger, lips embracing
like two lover on their
way back from nowhere saying
goodbye in the sun.
i could hear you beneath
every building, heart beat
and breath broke on every city
step. i sat by your side in
the evenings and waited for
something like love to fall into
place, but all i could see
were couples on park benches,
all eyes and lips and hands.
there were times when i would
imagine your eyes and lips and
hands in mine, would conjure
your image and place it in
the back of my mind, but i did
not invent you, just the way your
hand fit perfectly in my own
and how your delicate bones would
bend and fold against my body.
i listen sometimes on city
streets and think i can hear
your voice, but it's always just
some sad imitation of the way
your mouth would grasp the
words around it and hold them
there until they were gritty,
ground up like morning coffee,
a fabrication br
:iconhopeinareddress:hopeinareddress 18 12
you are lovely. even when you're not
which is most of the time.
you don't speak often.
one word.
two words
and yet, i hold on like a
suicide jumper hanging on for a saviour
for a sign that maybe things don't have to end like this.
give me a reason not to jump.
you speak softly, rarely
and i swear, i still wear yellow to catch your attention,
i still put a traffic cone on my head
in hopes that you'll divert, stop, take notice of the road.
please don't swerve me aside.
if you could open me up like you open their legs
if you could open your eyes to me
i promise, i could be more.
i could be more than this girl who is standing in front of you
pretending that she wants nothing more than to be your friend
pretending that she wants nothing more than to laugh with you
when really, all she wants is to make you smile.
all i want is to make you smile
and when we are listening to the beatles and smoking ourselves into other worlds, i am holding my tongue, holding my breath,
holding on.
:iconiheartabortions:iheartabortions 51 16
shadows only become people
when you are alone.
look -
i am lying here,
trying so hard to
be something.
this bed is coloured in
mourning light, pale blue
sheets rumpled from distressed
hours spent between
achingly awake &
restlessly unconscious.
i want to write but i
cant put you in words
when i cant even
put you in your place.
i look at my hands.
they will never become yours
& i will make myself
sick before i believe that.
the human in me is still
drowning butterflies in its
sadness, but the headlights
freeze & im just
a deer locked in your
afterglow again.
orion & broken chemical boundaries
only soften around the edges
when another body is softening yours,
limbs catching fire to the white
frames of old photographs, burning black
the corners from
what is to
what was.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 172 0
in the crowd by bailey--elizabeth in the crowd :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 336 0



United States
I don't really have much to say, except that I'm an amateur poet/author, and sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing.
Founder of Poetic-Youth and TeensToBeSeen
Proud Member of DA-Depth

Current Residence: Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: Alternative.
Favourite photographer: Mother.
Favourite style of art: The amazing kind..
MP3 player of choice: iPod shuffle, the really old kind.
Shell of choice: Taco shells. ;)
Favourite cartoon character: Bloo :D



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